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Destin Beach Portrait Photography

by Mark Benjamin on 05/18/12

Destin Florida Beach Portrait Photographer


One of the reasons I love beach portrait photography so much is that it combines my two favorite disciplines. That is, landscape photography, and portraiture. Beach portrait photography presents many challenges. First of all I find it very important to find a focal point outside the main subjects of the composition. Although our beaches here Northwest Florida our beautiful there really is not a lot to them when it comes to composing your shot. Basically you have sand, water, and sky. That is why I always try to find a location that has additional features. Such as rocks, large pieces of driftwood, trees, and sand dunes. Also I always keep my eyes open and try to find certain beach activities that I can blend into the background. The other day while in the midst of a beach portrait session there was a guy flying around in a motorized hang glider. I positioned my subjects so that hang glider was in the background flying across the sunset which made a most beautiful portrait.


I try to avoid the beaches that are associated with the condos, and hotels that line our beaches. Although these beaches may serve their purpose. They usually are lacking interesting focal points and have a tendency to be rather bland when it comes to beach portraits. That is why I spend a lot of time in the off-season trying to locate interesting places to take my clients.


Another challenge that beach portrait photography presents is the constantly changing light conditions. That is why it is most important for the photographer to know his equipment know how to use it and know how to make timely adjustments. When the sun nears the horizon you only have about 120 seconds to compose and take your shots.


My fee for beach portrait photography session is only $100. That is about the same amount of money you would spend taking your family out to eat and Destin. There are no hidden fees. Included is a copyright released DVD disc containing all of the full size edited images. Also included are the many years that I have spent refining my techniques.

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