Destin Beach Portrait Photographer
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It is my goal to eventually turn this web site into a photographic gallery.With a little bit of everything from a simple nature photo, to landscape photography, black and white photography, and a wide variety of art photography. It is extremely important to me to have this web site evolve into a fine art photography gallery. 

Although I am based in DeFuniak Springs, Florida I cover a wide area. From Panama City, Florida To Pensacola, Florida. (including the Mobile, Alabama area). As far north as the entire Atlanta metro area
Professional Photography Defuniak Springs Florida
All Images Appearing on this site are the property of Juniper Lake Productions Photography LLC. They are protected by U.S Copyright Laws, and are not to be downloaded or reproduced in any way without the written permission of Juniper Lake Productions Photography LLC. 
© 2008-2011 Mark Benjamin
Event Photographer, Landscape Photographer,Destin Florida Beach Photographer, and Wedding Photographer For: DeFuniak Springs Fl. Destin Fl. Freeport Fl. Crestview Fl. Ft Walton Beach Fl. Santa Rosa Beach Fl. Seagrove Beach Fl. Tallahassee Fl. Jacksonville Fl. Pensacola Fl. Atlanta Ga. Marietta Georgia Kennesaw Ga. Stone Mountain Ga. La Grange Ga.Decatur Ga. Mobile Al. Wetumpka Alabama Selma Al. Seneca S.C.

And all points between !!

Destin Beach Portrait Photographer

Fun Affordable Beach Portrait Photography by the Sand Hippie

by Mark Benjamin on 12/05/14

We are up and running for the winter photography season book your holiday sessions now our $175 beach portrait special will be in effect until the end of this year. Call or text us at 850-307-2628 two discuss our wedding packages. We're looking forward to hearing from you.

Beach Portrait Photography Destin Florida

by Mark Benjamin on 04/17/13

Beach Portrait Photography Destin Florida


Couple of things I wanted to mention quickly. First of all just because I am a photographer based out of Destin Florida does not mean that I exclusively shoot in the Destin area. In fact I cover the entire Panhandle of Florida. From Panama City Beach, Seagrove Beach, Inlet Beach, Grayton Beach, Miramar Beach, Okaloosa Island, Navarre beach, and Pensacola Beach and all points between!


Secondly please feel welcome to browse through our website. We have many beautiful landscape prints for sale. We offer many different products such as gallery wraps, canvas, and framed. All of which can be purchased through our website. So take your time and cruise through our landscape photography galleries!


If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us you can either call or text me at 850-307-2628, or just e-mail us through our website. Hope to hear from you soon.


2013 Destin Beach Portrait Photography Season by Mark Benjamin, Photographer

by Mark Benjamin on 03/18/13

Spring is just about here!! I'm so excited to get the 2013 beach portrait season underway. I love beach portraiture. I love everything about it from working in the sand, to the wind, the sun, and of course the people. Beach portrait photography can really be a challenge. You have to really be really quick on your feet in order to find a good focal point to complement your composition. For instance a large piece of drift wood, or a boat passing in the distance. In order to get a really great shot you have to coordinate all of these above with the wind, and the direction of the light. Anyway I just thought I would drop a quick line to let everyone know that I am really stoked and ready to get busy on the beach. Give us a call at 850-307-2628 and set up your appointment today.

Later, Mark

2013 Destin Florida Beach Portrait Photography Season by Mark Benjamin photographer

by Mark Benjamin on 03/10/13

Well spring break is here why not take the time to have your good times with your friends on our beautiful beaches captured by a professional photographer. Our fees are $125 for groups up to 13 this includes everything. By everything I mean a copyright released DVD disc containing all of the full sized edited images of which there should be around 150. So call and text us at 850-307-2628 and set up your appointment today.

Spring Break Panama City Florida-Destin Florida 2013

by Mark Benjamin on 02/15/13

Spring break for 2013 is rapidly approaching. Give us a call and set up your appointment today! You can call or text us at 850-307-2628. Don't miss this opportunity to capture these once-in-a-lifetime memories on our beautiful Emerald Coast.Our fee is $125 for groups up to 13. This includes everything no hidden charges. No deposit required.

Destin Florida Beach Portrait Photography Prices

by Mark Benjamin on 01/17/13

Well the 2013 beach season is rapidly approaching. I can't wait! The only change we will have this year is that we had to increase our price to $125 which is an increase of $25. This is due to increasing fuel costs. Still it's a great bargain considering all you get for that price. This price includes at least one hour with the photographer and a copyright released DVD disc containing all of the edited images. There should be at least 150 images on this disc. There are no other hidden charges $125 covers it all. So give us a call or text us at 850-307-2628. We look forward to hearing from you!


Also keep in mind that we do not only cover the Destin area in fact recovered the entire Panhandle of Florida from Pensacola beach to Panama City beach and all points between. This includes Fort Walton Beach, Okaloosa Island, Destin Florida, Miramar Beach Florida, Santa Rosa Beach Florida, Grayton Beach Florida, Seagrove beach Florida, Inlet Beach Florida, and Panama City Beach Florida. We know all these beaches well and will have no problem finding the ideal spot that is close to where you will be staying during your visit.

Destin beach portrait photography by Mark Benjamin, photographer

by Mark Benjamin on 10/24/12

Beach portrait photography by Destin photographer Mark Benjamin

Just because the summer season is over does not mean you can't have high quality professional beach portraits taken by a professional photographer at a reasonable rate. Our one $100 beach portrait special will extend into the fall and winter season until further notice.


So while you're down here visiting our beautiful beaches whether it's just a long weekend or vacation give us a call. One of the great things about having your beach portrait photography done in the off-season is that there no crowds. No people wondering into the backgrounds getting in the way. It is almost as if you were on your own private beach.


So call or text us at 850-307-2628 anytime and set up your appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

$100 Beach Portrait Special extended until October 31, 2012

by Mark Benjamin on 10/07/12

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I will be staying in the Northwest Florida area longer than anticipated. So I will be extending our $100 beach portrait photography special until the end of October. So call or text us at 850-307-2628 and make your appointment today.

I've had a wonderful time photographing families and couples while they spent their vacation here on our beautiful beaches of Northwest. I got to tell you being a beach photographer is one of the greatest jobs in the world. I would like to thank each and every one of my clients this year and I hope to see you again next year! So if you're in the neighborhood and like to have some professional quality beach portraits just remember to call or text Mark Benjamin at Juniper Lake Productions Photography at 850-370-2628.

Destin Florida Beach Photographer

by Mark Benjamin on 07/01/12

Well this evening I'm going to be shooting at my favorite sunset spot on Panhandle. This is the East Jetties. Over the years I've had some of my most memorable sessions there. This particular spot has a little bit of everything. This is important. As I've mentioned before in beach portrait photography you have to find focal points something besides sand, water, and sky. Anyway I will be posting images from the shoot tonight so stay tuned!

Destin Beach Portrait Photographyy

by Mark Benjamin on 05/30/12

Beach Portrait Photography Special for Spring-Summer 2012

I have had a great time so far this summer. I've met some really interesting people from all over the country. I have also had sessions on beaches from Pensacola Beach, Destin, and Panama City Beach.

Don't leave our beautiful beaches with just a handful the tee shirts and some shells.  Why not preserve the memories of your vacation with images that you can cherish forever.

Our fee is $100 for a one hour session, for groups up to 10.

Call 850-543-1373 for your appointment now!

Destin Beach Portrait Photography

by Mark Benjamin on 05/18/12

Destin Florida Beach Portrait Photographer


One of the reasons I love beach portrait photography so much is that it combines my two favorite disciplines. That is, landscape photography, and portraiture. Beach portrait photography presents many challenges. First of all I find it very important to find a focal point outside the main subjects of the composition. Although our beaches here Northwest Florida our beautiful there really is not a lot to them when it comes to composing your shot. Basically you have sand, water, and sky. That is why I always try to find a location that has additional features. Such as rocks, large pieces of driftwood, trees, and sand dunes. Also I always keep my eyes open and try to find certain beach activities that I can blend into the background. The other day while in the midst of a beach portrait session there was a guy flying around in a motorized hang glider. I positioned my subjects so that hang glider was in the background flying across the sunset which made a most beautiful portrait.


I try to avoid the beaches that are associated with the condos, and hotels that line our beaches. Although these beaches may serve their purpose. They usually are lacking interesting focal points and have a tendency to be rather bland when it comes to beach portraits. That is why I spend a lot of time in the off-season trying to locate interesting places to take my clients.


Another challenge that beach portrait photography presents is the constantly changing light conditions. That is why it is most important for the photographer to know his equipment know how to use it and know how to make timely adjustments. When the sun nears the horizon you only have about 120 seconds to compose and take your shots.


My fee for beach portrait photography session is only $100. That is about the same amount of money you would spend taking your family out to eat and Destin. There are no hidden fees. Included is a copyright released DVD disc containing all of the full size edited images. Also included are the many years that I have spent refining my techniques.

Clothing Tips for your Beach Portrait Photography Session

by Mark Benjamin on 04/17/12

Affordable, Elegant Beach Portrait Photography by Mark Benjamin, Destin Florida

Clothing Tips for Beach Portraits

What should we wear? That is the one question I hear most often. First of all let's start with what to avoid such as stripes, plaids, T-shirts with logos, and bold patterns. This particular type of clothing will draw the viewer's attention away from the true subject of the image, which are the faces and the beach itself. Instead you should choose neutral colors such as khaki, white, and off-white. Try very hard to avoid the more trendy styles. I have found that keeping it simple is the better clothing choice. Also I have found that trends have a tendency to pass away after time, which detracts from the timeless nature of the image itself. Try to choose clothing that fits nicely. Loose clothing has a tendency to fold and crease in the wind. You should also try coordinating the style of clothing as well. Have everyone dress in a similar style. In other words keep it beach casual which means khaki shorts, white shirts, or white dresses. Last but not least if you plan on spending time on the beach before your photo shoot please remember to use plenty of sunscreen. Especially on your face that way we can avoid the reverse raccoon eyes!

Beach Portrait Photography Special

by Mark Benjamin on 03/19/12

We are pleased to announce our 2012 spring-summer beach portrait special.  We are offering our complete beach portrait package for only $100.  This price includes a copyright released DVD disc containing all of the edited full resolution images.


We cover the entire Northwest Florida region.  We will come to you.  Whether you're staying at Pensacola Beach, Navarre Beach, Okaloosa Island, Destin Florida, Miramar Beach, or Panama City Beach.  Just let us know where you're staying!


Why visit our beautiful Northwest Florida beaches and return home with a few T-shirts, and a handful of seashells?  Why not bring back high quality professional images that you and your family can cherish forever.


If you'd like to check out our beach portrait portfolios just go to:

Call or text us at 850-543-1373 to set up your appointment today!

Photo of the week January 26, 2012

by Mark Benjamin on 01/26/12

Click Here To View Photo of the Week



When I'm out on the road looking and waiting for something to catch my eye I try to develop a theme, a kind of a story, so I'm not just running around blindly looking for images to capture.  What I like to do is capture a series of photographs that connect with each other in a way that would stimulate the viewer's imagination.  Someone a lot wiser than me once said there are two people in every photograph the photographer and the viewer.


One of those road trips I had gathered several sets of GPS coordinates on waterfalls in northern Alabama.  After two days, for various reasons I was not able to locate a single one.  At times the roads were washed out, or for some reason the waterfall just were not there.  I was becoming very discouraged.  I was I was ready to call this road trip quits and return home.  I turned on the radio to listen to some music, and I couldn't believe what I was hearing!  It was an old song by TLC called: Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls.  For some reason, after I finished laughing, my mood lifted and I decided to stay out on the road for one more day.


As I said before I was in northern Alabama so I found a hotel room in this small town north of Montgomery call with Wetumpka.  It was dark when I arrived so I really couldn't get a good look at the place.  I tried to edit some of the photographs I taken earlier that day, but quickly grew disgusted and went to bed hoping for better luck the next day.


I got up early the next morning packed my gear and decided to take a little look around Wetumpka.  It was a beautiful little town nestled on the banks of the Wetumpka River.  I found a parking space in an area right at the foot of the bridge that crossed the river, found a bench and sat down to collect my thoughts.  It was early Sunday morning and everything was quiet except for the faint sound of a church choir drifting across the river.  So I got up from the bench and started to look around for the source of this music.  I saw that it was coming from a beautiful little church on the other side of the bridge.  So I grabbed my camera and went to work.


It never ceases to amaze me, when I'm ready to give up on something, but I decide to take one more shot at it it's usually some small little thing like the faint sound of a church choir in the distance that turns everything around.  I had been chasing waterfalls for two days, growing more and more frustrated every minute, but I got a say it was worth it.


Photo of the week December 16, 2011

by Mark Benjamin on 12/16/11

Click here to view the photo of the week for December 16, 2011.

 One thing I always try to keep in mind about landscape photography is that not everything in this world is beautiful. Sure, I have a plenty of pretty colorful images in my galleries, but not all of them. Some of them can be quite stark, dreary, and colorless. One of those times was while I was visiting small fishing town on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

 While I was walking around this town I found a small piece of waterfront. It was probably 150 to 200 yards long. The beach was made of nothing but oyster shells, broken beer bottles, and trash. There a handful of oyster boats moored to some half rotten pilings. It was hard to tell which was older, the boats or the pilings that they were tied to. I couldn't help but think of the oyster men that owned and operated these boats. A hard-working bunch of men and women, whose skin has been tattooed by the sun and the wind, hands calloused and hard as rocks, a strong, proud people harvesting the sea for a humble living,  performing backbreaking work day in, and day out on the oyster flats, for hardly enough money to pay for the bare necessities of life.  I did a little research on this town, and I found that the median income was roughly half that of the rest of the state of Florida.

 As I surveyed this scene I noticed a sunken abandoned boat moored to a piling about 15 yards offshore. Judging by the covering of barnacles and the amount of decay this boat had been abandoned for quite some time. I guess the owner of this boat was just going wait until it rotted away completely, or maybe the owner had rotted away completely, or maybe the boat was just abandoned who knows.  Oh well.

 I guess, what really caught my eye and help me put this composition together was the fact that this boat was sitting off all by itself, for what appeared to be, quite a few summers and winters, in that very same spot, all alone, with nothing but the seabirds to keep it company.  This boat had obviously reached the end of its usefulness and was left abandoned, tied to a rotting piling, left on its own to decay until there was nothing left.  I suppose one reason why this scene had such an effect on me was it reminded me that a lot of us are in the same boat, excuse the pun, left all on our own tied down by our own immobility, and left to rot because we are no longer of any use anymore to anyone.  Another part of this composition that I found interesting was, although the boat was partially submerged resting on the bottom, it was still tied off to the very piling, where it spent his last few moments of usefulness.  It is almost as if the piling was its tombstone and the pelicans and seabirds, where the friends and loved ones visiting its final resting place on a dreary Sunday afternoon.

 Later, Mark












Fine Art Landscape Photography by
 Mark Benjamin
Juniper Lake Productions Photography  Po Box 220 DeFuniak Springs  Fl 32435
  [email protected]
  Landscape_Event  Photography by Mark Benjamin
We cover the entire Northwest Florida area.....We will come to you! If you are stoying at Pensacola Beach, Navarre Beach, Ft.. Walton Beach, Okaloosa Island, Destin, Miramar Beach, South Walton, Grauton Beach, Seagrove Beach, or Panama City Beach... No Problem we will find the perfect spot for you!!

We hope you enjoyed your stay and we hope to see ya'll again real soon!!

Professional Photographer from  DeFuniak Springs Florida  Serving the Entire Southeast

Thank you very much for allowing me to share with you my passion for photography. With every photograph I take I try to test the limits of my own imagination. Regardless of whether it is wedding, or nature photography. Or me just gettin busy with a macro lens in a garden.

Fine art photography, takes a tremendous amount of patients and imagination. From wedding photojournalism, to your basic stock photo image. Every fine art photograph in my gallery should tell a story.

Landscape Photos
 Our digital stock photography portfolio will be unique with every stock photograph a special project, requiring a personnel touch in order to make it pop 

Event Photography
I am also a wedding, and event photographer. I feel that in order to refer to myself as such, I have to wear many hats.  A photographer should maintain a unique perspective in order to create a theme Professional digital wedding photography is not just someone with a camera taking pictures. It is someone with a desire and passion for fine art photography.

I also specialize in black and white stock photos, corporate event, graduations, Beach Portraits,and weddings.

Link to Sand Hippie Galleries
Arches Architecture Photography by Mark Benjamin
Arches Architecture Photography by Mark Benjamin
Landscape Photography by Mark Benjamin
Landscape Photography by Mark Benjamin
Landscape Photography by Mark Benjamin
Landscape Photography by Mark Benjamin
email me
Beach Portrait Photography by Mark Benjamin
Beach Portrait Photography by Mark Benjamin
Beach Portrait Photography by Mark Benjamin

My name is Mark Benjamin and I am a photographer. I started this website to use as a place to showcase my photographic portfolio for professional publication so I have included a wide variety of the various kinds of photographs I take please feel free to look around!

I like to apply a photo-journalistic approach to all my photography. So that each image is unique and tells its own story.

The two photographic disciplines that I enjoy the most are landscapes and portraiture.

In my landscape photography I like to capture in my images the timeless and solitary nature of things that stand alone all by themselves against the will notice that in my landscape portfolio some of my images you will find to be very aesthetically pleasing. Then again you will find some of my images to be I guess you can call it aesthetically not so pleasing. That is because in life not everything is beautiful, or shiny, or colorful.

Portrait photography at times depending on the event can be a very fluid experience. No two events are the same, therefore you have to keep yourself aware of all of the circumstances and drama surrounding the event itself. Posed portraits do have an important place in photography. However I also like to go after the more candid images. I like to capture those spontaneous moments in time that cannot be replicated.

So please feel free to browse around and if you have any questions at all not hesitate to contact us. You can call or text us at 850-307-2628.

Beach Portrait Photography by Mark Benjamin
Beach Portrait Photography by Mark Benjamin
Juniper Lake Productions Photography
Juniper Lake Productions PhotographyJuniper Lake Productions PhotographyJuniper Lake Productions Photography
Juniper Lake Productions Photography
Beach Portrait Photography by Mark Benjamin